Wednesday, 14 November 2012

holi holiday~

~~ Salam Maal Hijrah y'all ~~

its holiday~ and i have so many homework to do..but,, i don't know where to start it.  the moment i open my lappy, fb and twitter is the first thing that i open with hope something interesting happen. but sadly nothing interesting there.

so,, rite now, i want to have a little rest because these past few days i've been completely worn out. its just a beginning lorh..after this i can't imagine how will i look with all the project that i'm still not doing yet...hehehe...

Waaaaaa~ soo excited!! today we've got our class picture and i'm like it sooo much..i don't know why,,everytime i saw it, i immediately smile..hahah..maybe because i'm looking good in that?(perasann!!) :P ahahha..well who knows..hehehe

wanna see them??
 here they are~~~

upper :
maha, raqib, hanif, shaheer, judin, ammar, harith, haziq
middle :
zeraj, aisyah, najlaa, roy, wan, syafiq, syahirah, azua, syana
lowerr :
yati, ferra, areesa, nik, sue, ulfah, me, nun, shila, ain, diba

how sweet of me~ i know all of them..>.< 

the not so freestyle but more importantly : SMILLLLEEEE Everyone ~ ;)