Thursday, 20 September 2012

WEB TECH. (ITT544) ?

DEAR Everyone who read my blog,

Assalamualaikum..hi y'all~ its me! yesterday i just realize that i've not share my point of view about this WEB TECHNOLOGY..actually i have not attended the first class of this course the other Monday(10/09/2012) which is lecture session. I'm start attended where we have a lab session.  

My honest opinion about this course ITT544 is a interesting subject where we can develop our own system. We have learned a little bit about this subject when we had our Diploma. Back then, we have our first system as a mini project for that subject.  We learned how to use ASP.NET, PHP, and so on.  So, this time also we have to develop a system something similar like the one we had back Diploma. This project is a group of TWO system.  So, my partner ZERAJMAHAL BIANSING and me have come up with the idea to make a system about BUS TICKET.  I want to share a bit about our system.  This system is about book a bus ticket to travel around SABAH.  We still in discussion about this system.  We just had our abstract plan and present it to MDM NOR SHAHNIZA KAMAL BASHAH.  After we present it, she let us know what is our mistake and how to do it properly.  Its a good thing so we know and have the idea to make the system more efficient and easy to use it. 

OK that all what i want to share this time.  Hopefully there a lot I can share with you the next time I update my blog.  Thanks!!! (^^)v


Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Assalamualaikum..I'm Salfina Binti Amirudin and as you all can see, this is my first blog ever so, i'm still in the process to discover how to use it well...hehee..another thing is, my english is "broken" so, i hope you'll understand a bit of what i'm trying to say here..(^^)v

For this course ITT544, we've been told to to make a blog for individual assignment and i'm like "I don't know how to do!!" but thanks to my friends, they help me make it.(^^)

I want to say thanks to Mdm Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah, I've discover this new thing. Maybe if is not because of this course, I'm still don't know how to use this blog. So, I'll try my best to update my blog and InsyaAllah, sometimes later i know OR possibly expert to use this thing..Amin..

thanks for reading my entry..:)