Thursday, 6 December 2012

oh no!! problem!!


its been a while since i updating my blog..i have trouble to do our web tech project..we are using RoR as the language of our system..but, i have problem on how to use it..but thankfully, my classmates Wan, Raqib, Maha are helping me to do it..

before we apply RoR, we are using ASP.NET as our language..but, we somehow stuck on how to connect it to databases..i think my other friends who using ASP.NET also change their language to other language such as RoR, netbeans and other. so, when we show the progress to our lecture, she tells to do properly or else we gonna failed on this subject..i really don't want that to happen..

so, now i'm trying to learn this Ruby language while doing out web tech project and i hope that we can finish doing this project..i REALLY REALLY hope that..i don't want to failed on this subject! TT.TT


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