Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wow! Western Gitu Lorh~ ;)

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Just now I having dinner with my housemates.  We having western food which was made by Sara Zuria Shafirah.  And honestly it was very delicious. But I think all the food that they made was delicious. heheh.  Let me share you the snap about our western style..;) We having mashed potatoes, sosej and fries. Yum3~

After dinner, we having some dessert which is "Pudding Roti".  But we just buy it at the bakery under our house.  It was also very delicious. hehehe :) here the dessert for you~~~~

They asking me to cooked for them next time and I was like "oh no! i'm not a very good cooker~ TT.TT".  Honestly, I'm not a very good cooker.  But if you just want to eat omelette and plain rice I'll be glad to served for you..hahaha..JUST KIDDING..hehe...don't worry my housemates, i'll cooked for you if i have a degree  in cooking..ahaha..again i'm kidding..:) 

so, that all i want to share with you tonight.  Hopefully, there will be an interesting topic to share with you..:)


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