Tuesday, 1 January 2013

web architecture ???

what ?

  • approach of the design and planning the web sites which involves technical, aesthetic, and functional criteria
web pages ?
  • document or information resources that is suitable for the WWW and can be accessed through a web browser and can be displayed by  monitor or mobile
  • types :
    • static
      • does not change content or layout with every request to the web server
      • change when web author manually updates them with text editor or web editing tools
      • simple, secure, less prone to the technology errors and data breakdown, and easily visibe by search engines
    • dynamic
      • can adapt their content or appearence depending on user's interaction, changes in data supplies by and application, or as an evolution over timeason new web sites.
      • using client-side scripting techniques (content can be changes quickly on the user's computer without new web request to the web server.
      • client-server interaction
      • offers flexibility
    • active
  • when stored in common directory of a web server, they become websites
  • contain a group of web pages that linked together or have some coherent method or navigation

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