Tuesday, 1 January 2013

web essential !

lets learn about web essential !

the Internet

  • global system of interconnected network that use Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of user worldwide
  • short form of internetwork, (interconnecting network with special gateways or routers)
  • operates without central governing body
  • networks of networks
  • linked by the broad array of electronic , wireless and optical networking technologies
  • carries a vast range of information resources and services
basic internet protocols
  • the IP is the principal communications protocols used for relaying datagram across the internetwork using the TCP/IP
  • responsible for routing packets across network boundaries has the task of delivering datagram from source host to destination host based on their address
  • the Internet defines addressing system that has two function ( addresses identify host and provide logical location service)
  • each packet is tagged with the header that contains meta-data for the purpose of delivery
  • addressing refer how end hosts become assigned IP address and how subnetworks of IP host address are divided and group together
  • routing performed by all host but most importantly by internetwork routers, IGPs and EGPs to help make IP datagram forwarding decisions across IP connected network
  • IP takes care of address and make sure routing know what to do with your data when arrives
  • data is transmit in small chunk (packets, approximately 1200 characters length)
  • IP address consistof four fields number which each of them less than 256
the WWW
  • global set of documents, images and other resources, logically interrelated by hyperlinks and referenced by URIs
  • www is a system of interlinked hypertext document access via the Internet
  • global information medium which users can write and read via compuers connected to the Internet
uniform resources identifiers
  • allow providers to identify services and clients to locate address web servers, file server and other database that store document and provide resources and access them using the HTTP
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
  • networking protocol for distributive, collaborative and hypermedia information systems
  • foundation of data communication for the www
  • primary protocol of the web
  • web services may used HTTP to allow software system to communicate in order to share and exchanges data and business logic
  • functions as response-request in client-server computing model
web clients and servers
  • client-servers describes the realationships of cooperating system running in the application
  • primary function of web servers is to deliver web pages on the request to the client
  • a client initiates the communication by making request for a specific resources using HTTP and server responds with the content of the resources or error messages if unable to do so

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